The following is a summary of our highly effective collection strategy which we frequently present to groups of businesses. If you would like Andriessen & Associates to present the full program to a group you are organizing, please contact Inga B. Andriessen at

    1. You deserve to get paid.

    2. 30 days after invoice is sent out, send friendly reminder letter or statement that the amount is owing and expected to be paid.

    3. 45 days after invoice is sent out, have a friendly follow up phone call with your contact at the customer, not the accounts payable department.

    4. 60 days after invoice is sent out, send a very firm letter indicating the amount owing, any interest accrued and remind the customer that the debt must be paid immediately.

    5. Follow up the 60 day letter with a phone call to your contact at the customer every 5 days.

    6. 90 days after the invoice is sent out send a letter requiring payment in 5 days or you will sue.

    7. Sue.

For further information on the 30-60-90-Sue™ program click here:    Watch Video