Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law


If you are a commercial landlord who needs assistance with drafting commercial leases or enforcing your rights under a lease, including collection from your tenant, we can assist. If the tenant has not paid rent, you have termination and distraint rights available to you which can be exercised before you sue for the rents owing under the lease.

Demand letters threatening termination or distraint can be very effective in collecting the rents owing and will place the tenant on notice of personal liability that can attach to anyone who assists in removing property from the premises as part of a midnight move from your building.

If your tenant has property in your building, then you must take steps to claim a storage lien on those goods and place the tenant on notice of any intention you have to thereafter dispose of those goods. There are several legal steps that must be followed for you to avoid liability for disposing of the goods. Contact us to arrange a meeting to review your situation.