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The WFH Transition

How is everyone doing?  Is everyone social distancing and following the guidelines the government wants us to?  Are you working from home, or are you still essential service?  Do you have young ones at home that are now home schooled for the foreseeable future?   It’s funny that we are to be social distancing, and

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Force Majeure Clauses: Is Anything Really Boilerplate Anymore?

If you’ve ever seen or attempted to read a business contract, you know how long these documents can be. You might even be annoyed by all the “boilerplate” clauses thrown into the contract. Let’s face it, the parties really only care about the meat of the agreement; who’s doing or providing what under the agreement,

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Getting Businesses Through This Situation

Have you noticed all of the emails companies are sending out telling you what they are doing due to Covid-19?  I appreciate the ones from grocery stores that are letting me know how things are changing.   I do not appreciate the ones from online software services I use: you’re open.  You’re online.  We’re fine, we’ve

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You Better Show Up to Court (Or Else) [once They are open again]

I previously wrote a blog about successfully getting an Order to serve a Notice of Contempt Hearing by regular mail as the debtor was (with the assistance of his parents) evading service. Our client spent a lot of money trying to get them served without success. Well, not surprising anyone, the debtor did not show

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Is Your Business Protected From Viruses?

There are so many things out there that can affect your company.  Even time change can affect your company (tired employees the next day).  Do you have what you need to protect your company? Given the hype over the last month or so, we are talking about viruses, both human and computer.  I’ve mentioned before

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Keeping Employees Safe and Keeping the Lights on in the Business

Covid19.  This is a powerful virus and I’m not just referring to the medical aspects of it.  Covid19 is crashing the stock market, highlighting poor government responses in some countries and excellent responses in others. Businesses have been responding in different ways: some have encouraged employees to work from home.  Others have cancelled work travel

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