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Vaccine Mandates – Still Enforceable?

As you may have heard, the Ontario government is ending the proof of vaccine mandates in certain public spaces as of today, March 1, 2022. That, along with the publishing of various studies and health official statements regarding the waning effectiveness of vaccine immunity over time and on new variants, is reason for employers to

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Releases 101

One of my recently concluded matters involved a Claims Adjuster for an insurance company acting as the agent for one of the Defendants named in our Plaintiff’s Claim.  This Defendant filed a claim with their insurer to act on their behalf, rather than the party hiring their own legal representative.  If you have insurance, why

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Health Wellness – What Really is That?  

Here we are in the month of February.  Did you survive January?  What is harder than in past years?  Did you want to hit the reset button? I’ve been reading a lot of posts on social media about people struggling to get their mental health and health wellness on track.  January must be the hardest

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The Lack of Small Claims Court Services is Impacting Matters

In March 2021, we filed a Motion with the Court to be heard in writing. The Motion was for the return of funds paid into Court relating to a Repair and Storage Liens Act (“RSLA”) matter. The Motion was brought in writing, without notice to the opposing party, as they failed to proceed with legal

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Work, Life, Balance, and Repeat

As you may have heard, our firm instituted weekly virtual meetings throughout January to discuss and encourage managing a work/life balance. This was spearheaded by our fearless leader, Inga Andriessen, who even after nearly three decades of being a lawyer still must remind herself to unplug occasionally. With a task list that seem endless, and

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Taking the Guess Work out of Resignations

Last blog post I discussed The Right to Disconnect and the promotion of a healthy relationship between employers and employees. This week I will be discussing a recent trend in how to hire and maintain the best people possible for your company.  While we may not have experienced “The Great Resignation” in the same magnitude

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