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It’s January, So We’re Being Mindful, Well, We’re Trying

When planning January 2022 at the firm, I decided to include time each Tuesday for a work/life balance topic.  This spawned, not just because it’s January and everyone is talking about it, but also because we had a very busy December and it is time to reset and remember, we need to take care of

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The Aftermath of the Year End Rushes

As 2021 came to close, we were faced with, as per usual, corporate rushes – amalgamations, reorganizations, incorporations, and dissolutions.  This year did not disappoint even though we continue to be stuck in March 2020.  We are entering the third calendar year with the Pandemic, and yet businesses continue to go on.  With multiple transactions

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We Don’t Work for Free

Recently, someone contacted me about retaining our Firm because they were impressed with some of my blogs (why, wouldn’t they be, right?) and needed someone with my aggressive litigation skills and experience to help them with a matter they clearly could not resolve on their own. They reached out and right from the beginning, it

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The Holi-Blog

I may have been binge watching too many holiday themed Netflix movies lately given the title I chose for this week’s Blog, but hey, it’s 4 days before Christmas, so if not now, when? As I reflect on what Business Law info you absolutely, positively, must have this week, I kind of don’t want to

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What is the Right to Disconnect?

Setting boundaries; we’ve all heard of it (most likely on social media or in self-help books)! But now the Government of Ontario wants to set boundaries in the workplace. This is following in the footsteps of European countries such as: France, Portugal, and Northern Ireland. Bill 27, also known as The Working for Workers Act,

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