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The Good Lawyer – Part 2

Here we are again for another installment of “The Good Lawyer” …Yes, the wait is over! Last time, we began our discussion on what it takes to be a great lawyer by looking at the importance of communication. Today’s trait of choice is …RESOURCEFULNESS. Most people only need a lawyer when they are having legal

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The Cost of Being your Own Lawyer

Some Blog topics come up over and over again on our site.  It’s not because we’ve run out of ideas – believe me WE have ideas.  It’s because the issue keeps coming up over and over again. Recently, we helped a client with a lawsuit involving a contract they drafted without a lawyer’s input.   

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Always Forward, Never Straight

The title of today’s Blog is attributed to many people, so I’m not sure who to actually credit for it.  I personally learned of it recently when Lance Armstrong’s wedu.team adopted it as one of their inspiring quotes.   As applicable as the quote is to endurance sports, it’s also applicable to business. Now I know

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Always Read the Terms of your Contract

When you are running a business and you require the services of another company, most likely that company will have you enter into a contract with them.  Before you sign that contract, always read the terms and make sure you understand them.  If you don’t – call us, and let our firm have a look

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The Good Lawyer – Part 1

Nowadays you can’t drive a block or two without seeing a sign for a law firm. They are (what seems like) in every strip mall in the GTA. We are bombarded with lawyers faces splashed on billboards and transit buses on our morning commutes. With the legal profession as heavily saturated as it is, it

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