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Yes Virginia, You Do need to Prove your Damages

Our firm recently dealt with a Small Claims Court matter where our client was sued for alleged damages, which the amount sought was an amount that was not supported by the other party’s evidence. Over time, the claim was amended, the amount increased, but was still not supported by the party’s evidence. The lawyer representing

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Working Both Sides of Business Law – Litigation & Transactions

When I started practicing law over 26 years ago, I was a purely Business Law litigator.  About three years into my career I became tired of litigating on poorly drafted materials, so I began adding “the boring desk work” to my area of practice and have not looked back since. The benefit of having a

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What did your lawyer just say?

Do you understand what your lawyer just said?  No?  Can your lawyer explain to you those complicated terms in the contract they just drafted for you?  No? Well, if you can’t understand your lawyer and your lawyer can’t explain to you what they mean, then I think there is a huge problem.  Maybe the “lawyer

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Nothing is More Terrifying Than Being Left in the Lurch

No, we don’t mean the 6 ft 9-inch, awkward, gloomy butler from the Addams Family. We are talking about being left in a financial bind when your commercial tenant, or someone you do business with, decides they no longer intend to keep their part of your business arrangement. Whether it’s defaulting on a lease agreement or failing to

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When do you need to Sue?

When you are owed money for your services or products, how long do you wait until you sue a customer who doesn’t pay?  Did you know that you only have two years from the date that you are owed your money to do so, and if you don’t, you’re out of luck? The Limitations Act in

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The Night Before Legal Pot in Canada

‘Twas the night before legal pot and all through the nation, Big law firms were churning out Cannabis Policies and charging a fortune. When what to small businesses’ eyes should appear, but a law  firm more practical, They’ll take it from here.   OK, so we’re not poets, but honestly, all of the dramatic emails some

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