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Who Cares What Works for Others: What Works for You?

It’s the last week of August and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one whose news feed is being hit with news feeds about work/life balance these days.   Everyone is talking work/life balance, but are they living it and what does it mean anyway? I particularly laughed when one of my LinkedIn Contacts who

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Make Sure You Move Your Litigation Forward

I was recently successful in a Motion to dismiss an action for delay. Our client paid money into Court 17 years ago (yes, 17 years ago) and the Plaintiff failed to do anything about that money our client paid into Court all those years ago. The Court sent a letter to the parties advising that

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Keeping up with Technology (not to be confused with KUWTK)

I’m going to discuss two ways of keeping up with technology, one being staying safe and the other being efficient programs.  This may be one of those blogs where you want to just yawn, but if you are client of the firm, we have your files and we just want you to know that we

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Should you Trust a Henson Trust?

A Henson Trust, also known as an “Absolute Discretionary Trust,” is a useful tool when estate planning for a beneficiary that is living with a disability. This Trust allows testators to plan for the care of their loved ones, while preserving their beneficiary’s rights to continue collecting government benefits, like the Ontario Disability Support Program

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The Importance of Timing in Business

“Timing is everything” is a very common expression and in business, that comes into play more times than you can imagine. The timing of when to incorporate is one of the first timing issues a business often runs into.  An Accountant may counsel you to wait until you’re earning enough income to make it worthwhile. 

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The Frustrations with Personal Service

The Small Claims Court is a fickle creature. The Rules of the Small Claims Court, albeit are similar to those of the Rules of Civil Procedure in Superior Court, but not all the Rules are treated the same. One of those Rules is personal service.  Personal service must be effected when serving a Plaintiff’s Claim,

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