10 Years at Andriessen & Associates

On September 13th we celebrated my 10th year anniversary of being with Andriessen & Associates.  I thought I would use this blog to reflect on my time with the Firm.

First off, my co-workers have had the pleasure of working with me for a decade, and I say, you’re welcome!

In all seriousness, working at Andriessen & Associates is an absolute pleasure.  I have learned so much and working at the Firm has no doubt made me a better litigator.  I’ve been given the tools to be able to fine tune my skills, and I do not think I would be the litigator I am today if it wasn’t for my employment at the Firm.  Sure, I’d still be great, but working at the Firm has made me better.

The relationships I have developed with our clients has been instrumental in my advocacy for them.  It’s nice to be able to talk to clients about things other than business.  Our clients are really great.

Prior to joining the firm, I worked in the legal department of a Collection Agency, however, I always had the end goal of working in a law firm.  To make myself more appealable to law firms (many lawyers weren’t fans of paralegals), I also obtained my ILCO (Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario) certification so that I would be more appealing to law firms.  I can do it all!

I was quite lucky that I was laid off from the Collection Agency at the same time that the Firm was looking for a paralegal.  What luck!

But I think most importantly, I am most thankful that I get to work for a great boss like Inga (this isn’t sucking up, I promise).  She always has our backs, and its nice to have that support.  Many years ago, I told Inga that I loved working for her, and she said that I don’t work for her, I work with her and that has stuck with me all these years.  Working with everyone at the Firm has been quite the positive experience!

Having reflected on the past 10 years, I look forward to the next 10!

Murray Brown, Licensed Paralegal