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Detailed Records are Key in Litigation

Recently we had a  matter where our client was sued by a business for a refund they allege they did not receive from them.  Our client advised that the payment was provided to a third party, related to the plaintiff. Based upon the information we had, we brought that third party into the litigation, who

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Do what you are good at

Just recently Inga B. Andriessen and myself attended at a Career Fair for Grade 10 students. My first thought when I was asked to attend this was “really, Grade 10, do they even know what they want to do?” They better have some idea, or else their choices in classes between now and when they

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Upcoming Changes to Ontario Construction Laws Includes Small Claims Court Litigation

The Construction Lien Act was established in Ontario in 1983 and has remained practically unchanged until now. The Construction Lien Amendment Act, 2017 was passed by the Ontario Government in December 2017, to modernize the booming construction industry in Ontario, and to ensure that both businesses and workers alike get paid and get paid on

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What it takes to be a Law Clerk

On some of my earlier Blogs here, I have discussed the why I do what I do, but I have never discussed how I got here. Becoming a Law Clerk does takes specific education and training. Back in the day when I went to College, there was no Law Clerk designation program at Durham (yes,

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