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Big News in Small Claims Court!

In 2010, the Ontario Government increased the monetary limit of the Small Claims Court from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00. On January 1, 2020 the monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court will increase to $35,000.00 as the Government believes this will help resolve more matters expeditiously and reducing the number of matters proceeding in Superior Court.

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Why Corporate By-Laws Matter

Are you incorporating your business or already incorporated? Do you know what corporate by-laws are? Corporate by-laws – if you don’t know – are rules for your corporation, which are established by your business’ Board of Directors when the corporation is being set up. Don’t worry, when we mean “they are established by the Board

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Let’s Talk Legal Fees

I often hear complaints about how expensive lawyers are, and we understand.  The rule of thumb usually is you get what you pay for.  Sometimes that’s not always the case when it comes to lawyers.  You can find a good lawyer and not have to take a second mortgage out on you house, and I

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Making New Law in Small Claims Court

In 2018 our firm obtained judgment against a debtor on behalf of a client in Small Claims Court.  We enforced the judgment by garnishing a bank account, only garnishing a small amount of the judgment. After the garnishment was issued, the debtor provided a low-ball offer that we did not accept, and then they disappeared.

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The Relevance of Remembering

November 11 is coming up soon, our day to remember those who died in order to obtain and protect our freedom. I find the remembrance day following our federal elections always to be interesting. People who chose not to vote are still claiming to appreciate the sacrifice that we remember on November 11. The further

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Did you vote ?

The election has come and gone, and there were a few shake ups.  The Liberals lost seats, the Conservatives and NDP’s gained seats, and we now have a minority government.  Records broken for the advance voting, however, the overall voting percentage was just over 65%, which is down slightly from the 2015 election.  When talking

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