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Family Business

As we all look back fondly on the Family Day we just celebrated, or perhaps with a “see ya later suckers” attitude, it seemed like the right day to Blog about family businesses. The mere mention of Family Business sets off the gentle ding ding of alarm bells in most Business Lawyers’ heads and often,

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Just Consent Already

It is very frustrating to deal with parties who act unreasonably in a matter.  That frustration gets taken up a notch (or forty) when the other party is self-represented, because they usually don’t know how the Court process works. I am having a tonsillectomy mid-February and I am expected to be home for several weeks

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Death, Taxes & Secondary Wills

Even in death we often can’t escape the tax man. When we die, estate administration tax, or “probate fees,” become payable. These fees, which are approximately 1.5% of the value of a deceased’s estate, can add up. However, some smart estate planning by your lawyer can limit and sometimes avoid the payment of probate fees.

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It’s Your Right To Not Receive Spam

It amazes me how many times I check my email, professional and personal, and see the amount of “junk” mail that is there, especially with all the big hype when CASL came into force July 1, 2014.  Sure, I ordered off your website ONCE, does that mean I need to get your emails every three

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It’s Not Bullying, It’s Litigation

Ontario’s Civil Court system is an adversarial system.  This means lawyers on opposite side of the case are paid to put forward opposite points of view.   This means the lawyers will disagree.  They can do so civilly, but at the end of the day, they are paid to be adversaries. Recently, I’ve had a couple

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What Makes Andriessen & Associates So Great ?

I was recently in Court and a very large Toronto law firm brought a Motion to reinstate an action that had been dismissed for delay. The Defendant argued that not only should the action remain dismissed for delay, it should remain dismissed for the Plaintiff’s failure to produce documents they were ordered by not one,

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