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Healthcare to Law

When you’re young, everyone’s favourite question is “what do you want to be when you grow up”, and, as you get older, that question is slowly replaced with the expectation of a progress update on your chosen career path. For me, the answer was always simple; I wanted to be a physician, just like my

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Seek Lawyer First, Sign After

Recently we have noticed an influx of clients coming to us after they sign a contract, asking us what their rights are. We’re always polite and helpful, but internally we shake our heads. Help us, help you! We then have the hard task of telling those clients that they have signed certain rights away that

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Using the Registrar to Discharge Vexatious PPSA Registrations in Ontario

Recently a client was notified of liens registered under the Personal Property Security Act (“PPSA”) registered against equipment it owns. The circumstances of the registrations are quite bizarre and very interesting.  Our client was approached by individuals to purchase the equipment.   The individuals attempted to use some form of doctored government document as payment.  Our

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So you think updating your Minute Book Doesn’t Matter

We often get push back from clients when we remind them they have an annual obligation to update their Minute Books.  Many of those companies have husband and wives as shareholders and some of them just don’t understand why. Well, the Ontario Superior Court just released a 2021 decision in Hrvoic v. Hrvoic (see the

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Important Changes to Annual Returns?

It has been six months with the new Ministry of Consumer & Business Services online filing system and there have been many issues with it.  That said, there have been many positives that came from it.  We can now file online Amendments, Dissolutions and other corporate documents that we previously were not able to file

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How Much Estate Tax Will I Pay After I Die? 

Did you know that even in death, we cannot escape the tax collector? When we die, estate administration tax becomes payable under the process of probate. “Probate” is a court process where your estate is assessed as to value and content for the purpose of calculating estate administration tax. This tax must be paid before

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