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Employer Obligations in the Time of COVID-19

With phase 3 rolling out in many municipalities, we don’t know whether we’re seeing the end of this pandemic, or whether we are on the eve of a second wave. Unfortunately, one thing that is certain is this pandemic has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty.   Are you stressed out? Maybe you’re confused?

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Small Claims Court in Ontario – The Court that Justice Ignored

When I began Articling in Toronto, 29 years ago the monetary limit of the Small Claims Court in Toronto was $ 3,000.00 and $1,000.00 elsewhere.   It appears the powers that be think that is still the limit.  It is not. The Small Claims Court limit was increased to $ 35,000.00 throughout Ontario in January 2020.

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Think You are Entitled to Charge for Storage? Not So Fast

Are you a repairer whose customer has not paid you for your services and has left their vehicle at your business for a duration of time? Are you now charging them storage fees for their vehicle until they pay?  Well…not so fast! A “storer” is defined in the Repair and Storage Liens Act as “a

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What does COVID-19 mean for employment litigation?

It’s all that we are talking about, but these unprecedented times require a fresh look and reminder on certain aspects of litigation, especially employment law.  Unfortunately, lay-offs and terminations are happening.  In some circumstances the terminations could have been coming for a while due to restructuring or changing up of the business, but in some

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A New Court Ruling May Have Invalidated Your Employee Agreements

EMPLOYERS BEWARE! A recent court decision may have just made your current employee agreements unenforceable. On June 17, 2020, the Ontario Court of Appeal provided its troubling decision on the case of Waksdale v Swegon North America Inc., 2020 ONCA 391 (“Waksdale”). Yes, you should be taking notes. Why is this decision so troubling for

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