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Why Your Employee Agreements Need an Annual Check-Up

Do you remember the last time you had your employee contracts reviewed by a lawyer? Hopefully, in the very least it was at the time they were created! Don’t get us started on the number of clients who previously created and relied solely on their own employment agreements.   As laws are constantly changing, we

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Take care of You and Celebrate

I’m one of those people who doesn’t really celebrate my birthday, or anniversaries.  It can get tiring year after year.  Yes, I’m a year older, thank you.  I don’t really want to be reminded of that.  I do always make sure others in my life are celebrated for their birthdays and other big things. With

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The Tragedy of the Modern Lawyer

Did you ever hear the tragedy of the modern lawyer? I thought not. It’s not a story that law schools would tell you. It’s not a Sith legend but a story all too common when I sit down and chat with my peers in the legal field. Whether we’re in litigation or transactional work, the

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Don’t Wait to Provide Notice of Storage Charges

A client had a vehicle delivered to them for repairs.  However, after those repairs were complete, the owner never returned and essentially abandoned the vehicle which ended up being forgotten by our client for some time…oops! They wanted to proceed with a Notice of Intention to Retain under the Repair and Storage Liens Act (“RSLA”)

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There is a phrase that was common when I was a young lawyer:  it takes years to build your legal reputation and a moment to lose it. The phrase needs to be brought back into fashion. As a lawyer, my words carry extreme weight.  I choose them carefully.  If I say I “may” be able

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Roe v Wade 

It’s been a challenging and dark week since the Supreme Court in the United States overturned the decision in Roe v Wade, which protects one’s freedom to choose to have an abortion. This landmark case was important, as it provided legal and safe access to abortion in the US.   It’s tough to watch videos

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