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Essentially Essential

There are few guarantees in life, but this is one of them: no government lawyer is ever going to draft legislation that says lawyers are not essential.    Given the above, you may think that we are packing our offices full of staff in face masks because we are essential and we can.  Well, we’re

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Bicycling through the Pandemic – A Rant

Its finally 2021 and perhaps (like me) you are trying to set a goal of getting more exercise this year, especially since in the past year many of us have made the transition from going into the office to working from home, and as a result of this (and other factors imposed by the Pandemic)

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New Year, New Business

Happy New Year and congratulations all! You have officially made it through one remarkably tough year. Massive fires, violent protests, impeachment acquittals, murder hornets, royal runaways, Tiger Kings, cringey presidential debates – oh yes, and a global pandemic. This year is one for the books – or film rather, with Michael Bay at the helm.

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The Last Blog of 2020

I must have made the naughty list this year as I’m the one writing the final blog of 2020 for the firm. It’s been a year.  Thankfully, with the vaccines, there is hope that by December 31, 2020 we may be thankful for in person celebrations again at that time. From a business law perspective

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You Are Human and So Are We

The holidays are approaching, and everyone is getting into the spirit of things.  Decorations were up early, shopping was started early.  Everyone is looking for something to brighten their day in these times.  When I see my lit tree in my window pulling into the driveway, it puts a smile on my face.  Why?  Because

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So, You’re a Garnishee?

If you have been named as a Garnishee, and served with a Notice of Garnishment, this means that a Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor has obtained a court order directing that money of the Garnishee (you) be paid into Court to satisfy the debt owed by a debtor to that Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor. Garnishments are typically issued against financial

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