AREAS of Practice

Andriessen & Associates is able to provide collection services for all amounts of money.

Should your needs simply be a demand letter to prod a slow payer into paying up, or pursuing a debt of $25,000 or less in Small Claims Court, together with amounts well in excess of $100,000, our firm is able to handle your needs.

Our Small Claims Court page outlines the flat rate fees for the service, and larger debts are collected at our usual hourly rates.

We enjoy acting for businesses of all sizes and all stages of their development, from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations.

We can guide you in your decision as to what type of business organization is right for you. If you incorporate, we will work with you to create bylaws, register Articles and guide you on shareholder organization so that you understand your company and are using the right legal vehicle for your business goals.

We have ongoing relationships with our clients that ensure we take care of the administrative legal tasks required by governments and keep them in good standing.

We also handle the sale of business as well as mergers and acquisitions as needed by our clients. We enjoy Business Law and are passionate about working with clients to achieve their goals.

We act for Employers. Our focus is advising employers on legislative requirements, case law decisions and best practices for developing HR policies.

We work with businesses to ensure strict legal compliance with the evolving employment landscape; we provide advice on issues such as harassment and violence legislation and employer obligations under Human Rights laws.

We represent employers in wrongful dismissal litigation and other areas related to employment law.

We have lawyers with extensive in-house experience able to assist with overflow in-house work including regulatory, compliance and the all important privacy areas of law.

Our lawyers are available to work in your location, should that be necessary and we are able to provide flat rate, all day fees for this work.

We have  over 25 years’ experience both drafting lease documents and litigating on leases.    We work with a variety of leasing industries including office equipment and motor vehicles.

If you just need your leased equipment repossessed, we can help with that .  If you need to sue on the deficiency as well, we’ve got you covered.   If the amount of the deficiency is under $ 25,000.00, then our Small Claims Court flat fees apply

When it comes to drafting lease documents, we generally do this on a flat fee basis after talking to you about what your needs are.

You spend a lot of time and money investing in your brand and we can help your business protect that brand through Trademark Applications and defending Trademark Rights.

Our services are designed to suit the specific branding needs of the client. Where opinions on registration are required, we are able to analyze all aspects of the mark’s likelihood of registrability. Where marks are used in an online format, we are able to assist in the development of international branding policies and, where applicable, licensing agreements.

We act as lawyers to businesses of all sizes, from Sole Proprietorships to Multi-National Corporations in a variety of types of services and industries.

Our clients rely on us to provide plain English legal advice on the legal implications of their day-to-day operations, as well as how to grow their business and deal with suppliers/customers effectively.

When needed, our firm provides experienced litigation assistance to our clients.

Our involvement ranges from helping the client create the right organizational business structure, to financing the business, establishing policies and procedures, assessing risk and limiting liability and protecting the business in all of its dealings, including the critical area of employment law.

We draft  commercial leases as well as enforce rights under commercial leases for both Commercial Landlords and Tenants .   We only act for Landlords with respect to Residential Tenancies.

We also assist in the negotiation of lease terms and review offers to lease before they are signed: this is often done on a flat rate basis.

We frequently act on law suits involving Commercial Leases – often this is to help a Landlord remove a tenant or pursue a tenant who has vacated the space before the end of the lease.    As this is a complicated area of law, we also advise on what to do with goods left behind by a tenant and how to “chase” a tenant who has set up shop in a new space, under a new name.

Our firm litigates on all areas of Business law including enforcing judgments obtained outside of Ontario in the province.

Before starting any law suit, we can advise you of the status of the defendant including if there are any Judgments against them to ensure there is a good likelihood of collection of a Judgment before you spend money to start a law suit. At the end of the day, we want to be sure you get money, not just a paper Judgment.

Andriessen & Associates

Is a Business law firm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are experienced lawyers who provide one stop Business legal advice, from drafting documents to aggressive litigation. Most of our services are on a flat fee basis, to allow Businesses to budget for legal work.

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