OUR Team

Inga B. Andriessen
Senior Lawyer & Owner

Twenty-eight years ago a blonde, newly Called lawyer with a degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, walked into an interview for a law job, instead was invited to start a law firm and she did. Since that start in 1993 Inga has been practicing exclusively in the field of Business Law. She describes her personal practice these days as 70% litigation and 30% drafting and Trademark work with a reputation for being aggressive, fair and professional. To make up for being a business lawyer Inga gives back by volunteering as the Chair of the Ontario Justice Education Network Halton Committee.  Inga hosts a periodic podcast @IngaTalk where she shares information helpful to everyone from students to seasoned lawyers.

Inga also is Mentor Lawyer and subject Matter Expert for the Ryerson Law Practice Program and a frequent speaker in Osgoode Hall Law School’s “Beyond Bay Street” class. You’d think that after a day running the firm and volunteering, Inga would kick back with a Bourbon, Suits style and relax. That happens occasionally but you’re more likely to find her scuba diving, skiing, mountain biking, running, hiking, kayaking, camping or SUPing. Seriously – she has way too many sports she likes to do: focus in her off-work life is clearly not her strength!
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Robin K. Mann
Associate Lawyer

Robin, who is part Ninja, joined our firm in June 2018 having escaped from the practice of Family Law into the more interesting area (sorry family law lawyers, you know it’s true) of Business Law.  Robin’s Law Degree is from the University of Ottawa, where she survived the cold winters in one piece before returning to the Center of the Universe Canada.   Robin volunteers her time judging High School Mock Trial Tournaments as well as participating in charity adventures, such as the very long Ride to Conquer Cancer.  When not fighting it out in the Courtroom or negotiating in the Boardroom, she plays beach volleyball and enjoys working through any work-related aggressions by spiking the ball on unsuspecting opponents. 

Murray Brown
Licensed Paralegal

Our pit-bull paralegal litigator has been kicking butt and taking names in Small Claims Court since 2001. Murray wasn’t content to just learn by doing, he is a 2004 graduate of the Sheridan Court and Tribunal Agent Program and in 2012 he obtained his Law Clerk Associate Certificate. When the Law Society of Ontario began licensing paralegals, Murray’s experience was evaluated by the Law Society and he was licensed as a grandfathered paralegal. In keeping with the firm’s culture of only working with interesting people, Murray breeds show Guppies in his off time. Yes, it’s a thing – Google it.

Christine Allan
Senior Law Clerk

While the firm is called Andriessen & Associates, everyone knows Christine is actually the one who runs the firm. Since joining our team in 2001 Christine, who graduated from Durham College in 2000 from the 3 year Legal Assistant Program (honour roll) and since 2006 has been an associate member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, has risen up through the ranks from jr. legal assistant to Senior Law Clerk. Non-work Christine is a true hockey goalie Mom and we’re all glad she doesn’t use her goalie Mom voice in the Office!

Leah Dickie
Legal Assistant

As part of our amazing support staff, Leah has been making us all look good since 2018.   Our firm’s passion for Business Law seems to have rubbed off on her and she is now working her way towards her Law Clerk Diploma one course at a time.  When not working and studying Leah takes time to travel the real world as well as fighting for the Horde in WoW.  Thinking I’m making that up? Then you don’t know WoW!

Anisha Masrani
File Clerk & Assistant

Anisha just joined the firm in the middle of August, so we’re still getting to know her and this will be updated once we have worked with her a bit longer.   For now, we know that in addition to working with us, Anisha is finishing her Paralegal Diploma, dreaming of flying again and humming Justin Bieber songs. 

Andriessen & Associates

Is a Business law firm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are experienced lawyers who provide one stop Business legal advice, from drafting documents to aggressive litigation. Most of our services are on a flat fee basis, to allow Businesses to budget for legal work.

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