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The Ontario Small Claims Court Limit is $ 35,000.00.   You may use Small Claims for matters over that amount, but waive all amounts over $ 35,000.00.

We provide Small Claims Court services to clients on a flat fee basis that is in line with what the Judges award back to you if you succeed at trial.

The current Small Claims flat fee rates are:

Small Claims Court Flat Rate Fees

Flat Fee, exclusive of H.S.T. and disbursements

A maximum of 15% of the principal amount of the claim, as follows:

                                  7.5% billed upon drafting an initial pleading and,

7.5% billed the day following the final settlement conference, if the matter does
not settle prior to that date.

– i.e. if the matter resolves at the settlement conference or before, the legal fee
charged is only 7.5%.

In the case of undefended actions, the second 7.5% is billed upon drafting the assessment or default judgment materials.

             Demand Letter & 1 follow up phone call                         $  60.00

                                    Garnishment                                                                        $200.00                                              

                                    Writ                                                                                        $150.00

             Examination in Aid of Execution                                       $200.00 plus travel time at $ 75.00 per hour.


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