10 Years of Volunteering – Tis the Season

Many of our clients know that we treat the Holiday Office Party a bit differently than the norm.  We volunteer our time during the morning & celebrate the season with a lunch in the afternoon.

This year we  have planned our tenth annual attendance to the CP24 CHUM Christmas* Wish to help sort and prepare toy orders for charitable groups in the GTA.  This is a great chance to give back some of our time to the community and to help a very worthwhile cause .

 If your office is looking for a charitable organization this season, think of rallying around the Christmas* Wish.  Disadvantaged kids throughout the GTA get to experience holiday cheer by receiving a present that would otherwise never be given.  So many of us live a very privileged existence, but there are so many others who live on the edge of poverty and despair.  A gift from Santa is a small thing in our adult minds, but a tremendous event for a child.

See the charity’s website at http://shows.ctv.ca/TheWish.aspx.  Think of organizing a toy drive at your organization.  Last year, there was a special need for toys for boys between the ages of 6 and 10.  That may be the same this year as well, but call them and see what their needs are this year.

Have a great holiday season.

Paul H. Voorn, LL. B, litigator

* our firm is a group of people of various faiths, some secular and some not.  We have overcome the charged politically correct issue surrounding the use of the word “Christmas” but wish to point out for others who have not that the word Christmas is used by the charity, so don’t get mad at us!!