Another day, another reason Milton needs a new Courthouse

Our law firm is frequently in the Milton, Ontario Court House. Milton needs a new Court House.

There is one elevator in the Court House that goes to the third floor. It is out of service more often than it works. This prevents people with mobility issues from easily getting to the Court Rooms on the third floor. This is wrong.

There are no private rooms for lawyers to meet with their clients. This means lawyers often have to have confidential meetings, in the open, within earshot of other people. This is wrong.

There are not enough cells to accommodate the prisoners in the cells. This is wrong.

Why is the Ministry of Attorney General letting this continue? Is it because the Halton Region is perceived as wealthy?
Is it because the Halton Region is not protesting?

Do we need to wait until there is an incident in the Milton Court House that raises public awareness of the state of the facility?

Why Mdm Attorney General?

Inga B. Andriessen JD