Back to School, Back to Business

Ah, the day after Labour Day.  It used to mean new teachers & new school supplies, but these days, as a business lawyer, it means our clients are now focussing on their business and finally getting back to the things we recommended they do back in June.

Some of the common things business reach out for in September are:

  1. Collection letters & litigation

I don’t know why people are o.k. with not being paid on time during the summer, but somehow they are.  The calendar changes and suddenly businesses realized their cash flow is not flowing – thankfully, a letter from our firm to debtors is what it takes for most of our clients to get paid.

  • Employment Agreements

The summer season draws to a close and suddenly businesses realize, they need to hire new people and oh yeah, they wanted our firm to draft up an Employment Agreement so they are protected if you need to terminate without cause.    

  • Terms & Conditions

Be it website or invoice terms, often these issues just float through the summer untouched.  Suddenly it’s September and businesses no longer can live without their T&Cs – no worries, we’ve got you covered.

Never worry that you look bad for having procrastinated.  We’re used to it and we’re o.k. with it: we just want to get your business protected & collected, so reach out and let’s get started.

Inga B. Andriessen, JD

Sr. Lawyer