Blogging into the New Year

The Mayans were wrong, so we can all continue the tradition of reflecting on the year that was and resolving ways to improve 2013.

There were some interesting Supreme Court decisions that were released this year and make are interesting to reflect on, though probably more interesting to lawyers given their technical nature. Last weeks ruling/non-ruling, depending on whose opinion you ask, regarding the Niqab in Court is interesting – as a litigator I want to see the full face of the person I’m cross-examining. In reading that decision I wonder how the “true measure of the woman’s faith” is determined, those cases will be difficult ones to be the sitting Judge on.

As a firm, I’m very proud of the work we did this year on the line of cases using the Oppression Remedy to collect money from debtors who close their doors in the face of a lawsuit or judgment. While it is not as interesting as the Niqab decision, the case law is making debtors accountable and that is a great result for all creditors, not just our clients.

In terms of resolutions, this is where I get all boring and lawyerly . Our firm resolves to continue providing plain English, reasonably priced Business Legal advice. We also resolve to have an interesting Blog each week and tweet each day, which may be less legal than sarcastic, but a tweet is a tweet.

We all wish you the very best in 2013!

Inga B. Andriessen, JD