Celebrating 10 years of Working with Murray Brown

Yesterday we celebrated the 10 year workiversary of Murray Brown, our Licensed Paralegal.   This follows the 20 year workiversary of Christine Allan, our Law Clerk, we celebrated last month.

So, why are we so fortunate to have people work with us for a long time? 

Well, step one is hiring the right people.

Step two is creating a firm environment that makes people want to stay.  I am sure I am biased, but I’d like to think that part of that is:

  1. Working with people, not having them work for me;
  2. Bolstering a fun workplace environment through engaging with everyone;
  3. Being sensitive to potential workplace harassment issues and stopping them before they take place;
  4. Having an open door policy; and
  5. Sushi, hakka, coffee, cupcakes and well, delicious food in general.

Murray is a fantastic paralegal.   Our clients love him and opposing parties fear him.  He knows the law.  He knows how to litigate and he knows when to settle and when to fight.    

Congratulations on 10 years Murray!

If you are a lawyer and think you’d like to work at a place where people stay for a while, we are currently hiring on indeed.ca .

Inga B. Andriessen, JD