Courthouse Problems

This week The Honourable Mr. Justice Corbett made a “landmark” ruling. Sadly, the ruling was to allocate two parking spots to defence laywers in a murder trial who otherwise would not be able to find parking at the Brampton Courthouse.

The general public likely will roll their eyes at this ruling, finding it to be unbelievable. As a lawyer who is in Brampton at least once/month, it’s spot on. There is simply not enough parking in Brampton for the Courthouse volume – it is ridiculous.

Brampton also has problems in scheduling – there are days when our process server files motions (these are heard Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday in Brampton) and the process server is told “the list is overbooked for that day already.” Clearly the lack of capacity issue in Brampton extends to Judges as well as parking.

As both of these issues have dragged on for years, I have no faith in any resolution being offered. Short of building a parkade, there is not much Brampton can do in the parking situation.

Even on the Judge front, I don’t think there are enough courtrooms to accomodate more Judges, but I could be wrong on that front.

I remember in law school the phrase “justice delayed is justice denied”.

In Brampton, Justice Delayed is just business as ususal.

Inga B. Andriessen, JD