Detailed Records are Key in Litigation

Recently we had a  matter where our client was sued by a business for a refund they allege they did not receive from them.  Our client advised that the payment was provided to a third party, related to the plaintiff.

Based upon the information we had, we brought that third party into the litigation, who then made their own claim against our client.

Neither the plaintiff nor the third party produced the documentation required to support their claims against our client.

Our client, however, produced their records, dating back to over a decade.  Not only did they have the business records that allowed them  to be successful in the Main Action, they also had the records to defeat the Defendant’s Claim.

Our client’s records were detailed and easy to follow.  They also produced records that showed that everyone was paid what they were owed.  On the other hand, the records of the parties suing our client however, were difficult to follow and did not support their positions.

This made victory that much easier for our clients.

There any many benefits to keeping detailed and accurate records when running your business.  You never know when you or your legal representative will need them.  The more organized you are, the better prepared your legal representative will be to assist you in being successful in litigation.  Being organized can come down to wining or losing.

Murray Brown, Paralegal