Do what you are good at

Just recently Inga B. Andriessen and myself attended at a Career Fair for Grade 10 students. My first thought when I was asked to attend this was “really, Grade 10, do they even know what they want to do?” They better have some idea, or else their choices in classes between now and when they graduate could very well limit what they are able to take in College or University.

They need to do their research now to ensure they are following in the right footsteps.

While listening to Inga talk with the students about some choices they were looking at for the remainder of high school and into University, I was quite shocked when the thing she stressed the most with the students was: take what you are good at. If you are no good at chemistry, don’t take. If you’re really good at biology, take it. Don’t let someone else tell you what to take. The look on some of those kids faces was priceless.

Why am I talking about this? Because I work in a place that is good at what they do. We don’t “pretend” to know what we know. And when we don’t know, we will refer you to a professional who has more expertise in that area. Let’s face it, we aren’t good at everything.

There are professionals that don’t know what they are doing and it can be hard to find the right person for your needs. The best piece of advice is to do you research, know who you are hiring, and ask around. Referrals are a wonderful source. A good professional will do what they are good at, and hopefully know their limits.

“Do What You Are Good At”. That right there is what I’m going to teach my kid. Well, maybe a bit further down the road because these days, the only thing he’s good at is talking…politics maybe?

Christine Allan, Law Clerk