Downtime = Uptime

I am literally back from two weeks in the Wilderness.  No electricity, lots of bears, skitters and peace and quiet.   It was very needed after the past year, and I am 100% recharged and ready to tackle work again with enthusiasm and a clear mind.

I have always required myself and those who I work with to take their vacation time, yes, even during a pandemic.  I have also required they turn off work email: it is not a vacation if you are tied to your email. Occasionally I have had to cut off access to a firm member who thinks they are doing a good thing by continuing to monitor email, instead of letting their email bouncer redirect matters to other, equally qualified people in the firm.

If you don’t completely detach from work, you are never going to be refreshed coming back to work and that is not a healthy place to be.   You don’t need to be a camper, like me, just the mere act of not thinking about work is what is key to refreshing your mind.   It’s interesting how matters that seemed to have a solution that is hard to find are suddenly easily solved after time away.

So, it’s summer.  You probably have vacation time.  Get out there & unplug!

Inga B. Andriessen, Principal Lawyer