Employment Agreements Matter

It’s coldish, there is a lot of snow, (sometimes) the days are short and the nights are long.  That’s right, it’s February.  What better way to celebrate a mild month than to have a Teacher’s strike?  For those, like me,  with young children being affected by the strike, I sympathize and hope for a quick resolution. 

While our firm doesn’t handle unionized employees, we do help our clients with their new and existing employees, from the beginning of employment, to raises and termination. 

Bargaining is not something that only happens with unions, it also happens in non-unionized workplaces.  As mentioned above, giving significant raises to current employees and change in jobs description or duties could trigger the need for a new agreement to be signed between the employer and employee. 

The concept is the same as with a union.  The employer states what they are willing to offer as compensation, the employee counters and then you have a deal all without a third party, the union.

We can ensure that the agreements you are getting your new, or current, employees to sign does not contravene the Employment Standards Act and at the same time, protect the employer. 

If you just asked yourself why you need to get a current employee to sign a new agreement when making changes to their duties, or giving a raise, then you need to contact Inga B. Andriessen, our employment law guru!

Christine Allan, Law Clerk