Essentially Essential

There are few guarantees in life, but this is one of them: no government lawyer is ever going to draft legislation that says lawyers are not essential.   

Given the above, you may think that we are packing our offices full of staff in face masks because we are essential and we can.  Well, we’re not doing that.

Our receptionist is working in the real office every day as she cannot deal with couriers and mail virtually.   Everyone else can work from home, unless they absolutely need a hard copy of a file or Minute Book, so we are.

Given that we’re generally all working from home, you can imagine our surprise to receive an “Essential Workers Discount” offer from a local restaurant to thank us for all of our sacrifices during the pandemic.  

Um, well, I miss wearing my high heels regularly, but not sure that is deserving of a discount.

I recognize that this restaurant is likely starved for business and this is there effort to drive more people to them.  Given that fact, it is ironic they are offering discounts to essential workers who are actually being paid their regular rate or higher to do their jobs and can afford to buy food without a discount.

I am doing my best to support businesses who are hard hit by the shut down.  Making an effort to order in a couple of times a week, ensuring I’m buying flowers from the florist I want to be there on the other side of this, etc. 

So, while I’m essentially essential, I’m going to make sure I’m giving back to those who are not and who actually need the help.  If you’re essentially essential too I hope you’re following suit. 

Inga B. Andriessen, JD