Finally, let summer begin (a.k.a. goodbye HoV Lanes)

Ah, finally, today my commute was the reasonable amount of time it always takes in summer.

I was able to see my family for breakfast & expect I can see them for dinner as well. This week, if my leg was not injured, I would finally be able to join my Stand Up Paddleboard ground on Lake Ontario. It’s the second to last week of August – that is not right.

Yes, my summer has finally begun because the HoV lanes are gone.

Enough about me, let’s talk about our clients.

Our manufacturing clients no longer need to pay overtime for drivers to get into Toronto.

Our restaurant clients in Toronto are hoping that people will return to the City and they can make up some of the revenue they are down. They already had to let go many student servers due to lack of work. I’m sure those students felt fulfilled by their ability to volunteer at the PanAm games instead of earn money to go back to school.

All of our clients will benefit from shorter commutes and costs that are no longer needing to be incurred by the imposition of the HoV lanes.

The assessment of the PanAm games that allegedly will take place now must include an assessment of overall economic impact on the entire GTA region. It is unfair to destroy the economy and quality of life for many in order to “benefit a few.

Let summer begin !

Inga B. Andriessen JD