Get 2015 Off to the Right Start for your Business

A Business that comes and sees us to get organized properly spends far less in legal fees than the Business that comes to see us when they are sued or the Respondent to a Tribunal Complaint.

In an effort to save your Business money, here are some issues to tackle now, before 2015 is in full swing:

1. Have all Employees sign an employment contract that limits the amount of Notice you are required to provide at termination.  This allows you to budget for terminations with accuracy instead of estimating what a Judge is likely to award.

2. Have an Employee Handbook that contains all of the Government Required policies as well as other policies you intend to enforce in your Business.  This is not an option, certain policies on Harassment, Accessibility and Workplace Violence are required.

3. Have our firm prepare your Annual Shareholders & Directors Meeting Minutes.  This is an opportunity for our firm to focus on your business and ensure you’re up to date with the latest requirements.

4. Follow 30-60-90 Sue (R) to ensure you’re not running into a collection issue with your customers.

5. Register a Trademark for your Business to protect you from foreign “Trademark Squatters” who may take advantage of our new Trademark Laws to prey on Canadian Businesses.

6. Document all agreements in writing.  If your customer or supplier won’t commit to terms in writing, are they worth the risk they want you to take?

7. Ensure your business matters are handled by a Business Law firm.  We don’t do family, criminal or personally injury Law.  We only focus on Business Law, which means we understand your needs.

Inga B. Andriessen JD