Get Proper ID and You’ll Thank Us Later

Many of you who have read some of my older blogs, you know that there is nothing more I love than finally get a client the money back that they are owed. 

In particular, when a debtor attempts to hide assets such as property or bank accounts, tracking those down and filing a Writ or garnishing their bank account. 

Recently, we received a letter from a law firm regarding a real estate closing that closes in three days.  They were requesting a clearance letter confirming that their client was not one and the same as the person named on a Writ we had filed. 

I’m not sure what information the law firm had suggesting that their client wasn’t one and the same as our debtor, but we certainly were not jumping on providing the letter without doing our due diligence first.

As we have a really good online filing system, I was able to access the file and confirm that in fact, their client was the same as the person we filed the Writ against.  How do I know this?  The ID they provided for their client matched the ID that our client had in their files.  This time it was easy.  Some clients don’t obtain photo ID for the people they do business with, which can make is sometimes difficult to confirm this information.  This time, it made it easier for us to ascertain the information we needed easily. 

What does this mean for our client?  This means that this real estate deal cannot proceed without our client first being paid out.  A win for our client I would say!

We don’t always get this result when we enforce Judgments, but when we do, it’s really satisfying. 

A note for our client, get that photo ID for your clients when you are entering into agreements, you may thank us later.

Christine Allan, ILCO Law Clerk