Getting Back on Track for 2024

Now that we are officially one month into 2024, let’s take a quick breather to see how this new year is going.

They say its usually by this time that our new years resolutions are broken (if they even make it this far). Why is this? Well, it’s usually one of the following culprits:

  1. Unrealistic goals
  2. Lack of specific plans
  3. Overwhelming expectations
  4. Lack of accountability
  5. Lack of intrinsic motivation
  6. No immediate rewards

Whatever the reason, now is the time to reassess and refocus – we can help with that!

For example, what better time to do some much needed (likely neglected) corporate housekeeping? Getting professionally organized for 2024 is a realistic goal that we can help you achieve.

Whether its finally getting around to organizing your corporate minute book or having your employee contracts reviewed and updated (you would be shocked to learn how many businesses have unenforceable contracts with their employees!), there are real tangible things you can do to get your business on track for 2024. 

We can even keep you accountable with our (relentless) follow ups! Don’t worry, you’ll love our email reminders. 

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, if you want a reward – how about not having to pay out excessive amounts of termination pay when terminating an employee because you have an enforceable contract? Or, not having to spend thousands of dollars down the road to bring your corporation’s books up to date after years of bookkeeping neglect? If you ever plan to sell your business or bring in a shareholder or investor down the line, then getting organized will be an unavoidable eventuality. 

This year will be over before you know it, so whatever you are putting off for 2024, its time to face it! That reminds me, I’m going to go jump on my Peloton… after I clear off the cobwebs.   

Robin K. Mann, JD Associate Lawyer