Getting Businesses Through This Situation

Have you noticed all of the emails companies are sending out telling you what they are doing due to Covid-19?  I appreciate the ones from grocery stores that are letting me know how things are changing.   I do not appreciate the ones from online software services I use: you’re open.  You’re online.  We’re fine, we’ve never been within six light years of each other, let alone six feet, nor are we going to start now.

As a result, our firm hasn’t been bombarding our clients with updates on what we are doing internally to keep serving our clients.  Instead, we’ve been responding to clients inquiries about how to address staffing, occupational health & safety and cash flow issues.   We’ve also been continuing steps in litigation: yes, litigation continues, albeit virtually. 

The positives coming out of this so far are that:

  1. This is showing we are able to adapt as a society quickly to an online service situation in certain sectors that have been slow to adapt in the past, like the Courts;
  2. Our IT has done a great job preparing us for the emergency (thanks to Shawn Coffey at ) ;
  3. Government is listening to business concerns and making quick changes in response.

Nothing is perfect.  This situation is something no one anticipated, but we are going to get through it and everyday we are on lock down is one day closer to being free from it.

Overall, we encourage the following for businesses:

  1. Keep your cash flowing as normally as possible.  If you’re able to remain open and carry on business, then continue to pay your staff and suppliers as you normally would;
  • Talk to your landlord if you cannot pay your rent.  Silence is the worst thing you can do: discuss your situation and be open to solutions;
  • Use this time, if you’re in litigation, to get your paperwork together so we can move forward quickly when the Courts are fully open again.

Inga B. Andriessen, JD