Go Canada – Own the Podium !

We are interrupting the usual legal topics on this blog due to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.   

Boy do I love the Olympics – you?

Boy do I love controversy – of course I do, I’m a trial lawyer. 

Boy do I love the concept of Owning the Podium – if only it were actually happening, but then again, we’re not ½ way through the games yet.  

I can’t help laugh when the world press is attacking the Own the Podium concept for being un-Canadian. 

Pride is not un-Canadian.  Setting a lofty goal and working towards it is not un-Canadian.

This Country is made up of people who on a daily basis set goals and work towards achieving them, granted, generally in a more polite manner than some other countries, but still, goal setting is fundamental to achieving success and moving forward, be it in sport, business or life.

There is no podium for our firm to own, but we still set the goal of being a cost effective, aggressive, pro-business law firm and each day we attain that goal for the benefit of our clients. We do all of this while being Canadian, and generally still polite.

Are we your business  law firm?  If not, we should be as your business will benefit from our firm’s expertise and attitude.

In conclusion and without apology:  Go Canada – Own the Podium !

Inga B. Andriessen J.D.