Happy 2011

Well that was an interesting holiday period. Having Christmas & New Years on weekends certainly added mass confusion to the “business week” in the legal industry.

To my surprise, many firms simply shut their doors between Christmas & New Years. I cannot imagine leaving our clients in such a vulnerable position: you need to know that your business lawyers have your back.

Now granted, that week between Christmas & New Years was not a jam packed courtroom attendance week, but it was the perfect time to get started on the trial preparation for the business schedule that lies ahead as well as, on the corporate document side of things, work with clients to help them close deals before December 31.

Our firm is looking forward to a huge change this month: we’re moving locations after being at the same address for almost 18 years. Don’t panic – we’re only moving to the building next door & we are very excited about it.

The official date that we are in the new space is January 17, 2010, but if you need us on January 15, 2010, please don’t leave it to the last minute as we’re “in transition” on that date.

Happy New Year !

Inga B. Andriessen, J.D.
Sr. Lawyer