Happy Canada Day Week(end) !

The long weekend is almost upon us and our firm will be closed Friday for the celebrations.

I find it interesting that the news in the papers this week is starting to focus on what divides us as a country (ex-pats seeking healthcare & voting rights, Pride Week, race to pick a few headlines) rather than what unites us as a country & makes it one that I certainly would never trade for another.

While our legal system is not perfect, it is one that we can have frank & open discussions about without fear of persecution – this unites us.

Our freedom to discuss religious beliefs and sexual orientation without persecution unites us.

Our freedom to criticize our government without persecution unites us.

The absolute joy on the faces of the school aged kids as they celebrate their last week of school this week unites us.

Our desire to wear red & white on this Friday unites us.

A little more celebration about what we have in common & a little less looking for things that divide us would be nice in the run up to Canada’s 144th birthday – that would help unite us.

Happy Canada Day !

Inga B. Andriessen, JD