Happy Law Day Week !

This week is the Canadian Bar Association’s annual Law ay week. (Only lawyers could make a day last a week.) This week is intended to educate and inform the public about the role and importance of the law in their lives.

One of the ways our firm is participating through my involvement with the High School Mock Trial Program and this week’s Halton Public High School Championships. It’s great to give back to the community and mentor High School Students who are interested in law.

Beyond the High School Students, however, is the underlying purpose of educating and informing everyone about the role of law in their lives. Through this Blog, we provide some basic information for business owners about how the law impacts their lives, at times in ways they only realize when it is too late.

Most entrepreneurs realize they need a business plan when starting out. However, business is not just numbers. It is important those new businesses understand what the Government requires they comply with, what they need in their Articles of Incorporation in order to avoid a $ 10 000.00/year annual audit and of course, what documents they need signed by customers in order to ensure they get paid.

The law impacts us all, from the requirement we go to school when we are young, to obeying traffic laws and complying with Tax Legislation.

If you’re starting a business, invest time and money in learning about the laws that apply to you: if you don’t do it at the start, you may end up paying a lot more down the road.

Inga B. Andriessen JD