I am not a Tax Cheat & neither are our Clients !

Our firm is a Professional Corporation. The Canadian Government has declared we are therefore tax cheats. I disagree.

Many of our clients are also Professional Corporations or Small Business Corporations. They are not tax cheats either.

Over the past twenty-four year, I have hired at least thirty people. For each of those employees, I have paid the “top ups” of EI, CPP and taxes as well as our Provincial Employer’s Health Tax. I provide extended health benefits for my employees and our Professional Corporation supports High School Scholarships, the Ontario Justice Education Network and other organizations that need help.

I don’t have a Government Pension. I’ve had to save up in an RRSP, of course at the same time I was saving for my kid’s education in an RESP.

I didn’t get a paid Maternity Leave, I took ten days off and was back at work after having my child. I don’t get a paid sick day, though I do provide my employees with five paid sick days per year. I didn’t get paid when I had an unexpected emergency surgery that left me unable to work for eight weeks.

I’m not complaining about any of the above, but I am complaining when the Canadian Government tells me I’m not “paying my share” and I’m a “tax cheat”. That’s not what Small Business is doing by using a Corporation. Small Business is protecting personal liability by using a Corporation. Small Business is separating personal finances from business finances. Small Business is building the backbone of our economy.

I am not a tax cheat !

Inga B. Andriessen JD