Information Overload – Let us help you find the answer

Do you ever feel like you could get an “information overload” headache from all of the information that you can find online on a specific topic, and not to mention, the contradicting information you can find. 

Now, it seems to be too-fold with respect to virus, vaccinations, procedures to follow etc.  They are changing everyday and no one really knows what to follow. 

While I can’t give you all the straight answers on whether you should be vaccinated, what vaccine to get, or when you should get it, I can tell you that when it comes our clients, our firm does the research and gives you the straight answer, saving you that headache. 

Lawyers have tools available to them in order to the research that you need them to do and are able to provide Coles Notes so to speak and provide you with an opinion. 

The one question that can never really be answered is the cost of pursing litigation.  As with anything in life, it really depends on a number of factors that could either decrease or increase legal fees.  The two biggest unknown factors are: i) whether an action is defended, and ii) how a Judge will decide.  These are human reactions and our lawyers and paralegal are not psychic, this cannot be determined.  Again, our firm gives you a straight answer in saying that they can never guarantee the outcome of a matter, but they can provide their legal opinions, and in plain English so you can understand them. 

While we can’t help you with the current information overload headache, if you are feeling overwhelmed and need a legal opinion, I can guarantee our firm can do all of the digging for you. 

Christine Allan, Law Clerk