It’s Fall – what is stressing you out?

I had trouble sleeping and I feel that it was because of the first day of school jitters, or was it?  In our school board, the school start was delayed a week to allow for adjustments and getting ready for the kids to head back, whether virtually or in person, and yet, I still had the before school jitters. 

Or maybe that I was coming back from vacation and know that I was going to have a lot of work to weed through.  Maybe that was it?

It’s the unknown that always leaves me to be stressed out. 

What I like most about our firm is that we do our best to provide clients with information up front, and respond to emails and inquiries in a timely manner.  I feel that if I was a client, I would not be stressed. 

For example, we provide many of our corporate services on a flat fee basis, and the only unknown in those situations would be disbursements (filing fees etc.), but even then we give you the best estimate we can.  This helps those clients that need to budget to get their contracts and handbooks reviewed and drafted.

Also, when vacations are happening, we don’t shut down.  We all put bouncers on our emails, and tell you where you can forward your email when you need assistance urgently.  Again, I find that to be helpful so that when I do get back, I know that I’m not having to answer emails that would have been answered already, which leaves me a little less stressed when returning.  And for clients, that just means you are taken care of and you know who to reach if you needed. 

Our lawyers will allows walk you through the steps and provide to the best of their ability estimates when they can.  There are, of course, those times and situations where it’s not possible, but they are also upfront about that.

So while I may be a bit stressed about the kids returning to school, and the end of vacation, I know that our firm does their best for our clients so that they are not stressed. 

Christine Allan, ILCO Certified Law Clerk