It’s January, So We’re Being Mindful, Well, We’re Trying

When planning January 2022 at the firm, I decided to include time each Tuesday for a work/life balance topic. 

This spawned, not just because it’s January and everyone is talking about it, but also because we had a very busy December and it is time to reset and remember, we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our clients.

So, are we sitting in a boardroom with crystals on the table, incense burning and spa music flowing through the air as we hold hands and chant “om”?  No.  We’re a business law firm.  Seriously, you thought that was going to happen?  Also, Covid and no hand holding in our firm, ever.

Instead, we’re being reminded that we have benefits that include regular massage therapy, and we should use those benefits.  We’re also being reminded that our firm includes a free membership to the fitness ap, Aaptiv as part of our benefits and this week we’re all taking part in a Meditation Challenge.  We are each doing an Aaptiv Meditation and posting it to our Aaptiv Team Tab.

We’ve learned meditation comes in many forms and we’re not cut out for the form that focuses on the sound of one hand clapping.  Instead, active meditations that are short and focus on breathing seem to be helpful.

Interestingly, the other form of meditation most of us seem to be practicing this month is video gaming.  Truly, if meditation is meant to relax us and take us outside of work thoughts, then I have to say, I think gaming is meditation.  Of course, with meditation I don’t end up humming the Mario theme all day, so there is that.


Inga B. Andriessen, Principal Lawyer