It's summer but legal issues don't take a vacation

Finally, the sun appeared in the GTA, as did the humidity and the whining of high school students writing exams: summer is here. As soon as the temperature rises, many business get that “summer feel” about them, but that doesn’t mean they should take a vacation from legal issues.

With the hot weather, the same issues that the teachers have been dealing with this past month, often arise in business: appropriate attire. If your company does not have a written dress policy, you should think about putting one in place. The dress policy will allow you to convey expectation regarding dress without targeting individuals. Targeting individuals can often head you down the road to a wrongful dismissal lawsuit or human rights complaint.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act details obligations of employers to maintain a safe work environment: if the heat has increased inside, you must ensure it is still a safe work environment.

Legal time limits for law suits continue to run through the summer: if you have an issue you are considering pursuing in the Courts, meet with your lawyer now, not just in September.

Finally, continue to practice 30-60-90 Sue throughout summer as you do not want to find yourself at the end of summer with a negative cash flow.

Here’s to enjoying the heat and all the good things that summer brings with it!

Inga B. Andriessen JD