I've got a feeing …

Gas prices at the time of writing this are “an all time high” of $ 139.6. Well, I’m going out on a limb and it’s not something I’m happy about, but, by August 31, 2011 I predict we’ll have it $ 2.00/litre.

Why do I predict this? Believe me, it’s not that I’m a “gas guru” like Liberal MP Dave McTeague (seriously, how does he get that info and more importantly, why does he love the “gas guru” mantle so much – I’m sure his family is thrilled that he is known for gas). I have not spent a huge amount of time studying commodities (though I do enjoy coffee a LOT) nor have I called the gas companies to ask what it’s going to be, it’s just, well …. It seems to be the way of the future.

I have been predicting this since the first week of March and yes, got a bit nervous there in the past couple of weeks when the prices dipped, however, I have confidence in my abilities as I predicted a Conservative majority and Ignatieff’s defeat in his own riding (that one was easy, his riding is next to our office, I run at lunch through the neighborhood & saw that every house had a sign on the lawn and most were blue, not red).

In all seriousness, the skills I have developed as a litigator over the past 18+ years are skills that allow me to asses situations quickly based on many indicators that are more intuitive than scientific. With respect to gas prices I’m basing my prediction on:

1. gas prices have risen every summer and if memory serves me correctly, the increase has been a greater percentage each summer;
2. consumers are used to gas prices rising and have not indicated any intention to stop paying them, in fact, many are planning road travel vacations again this summer;
3. commodity prices are staying strong.

So, let’s chat again the first week of September & see how this prediction unfolded. Note – if I’m wrong, it’s not a reflection of my litigation skills, it’s that Dan McTeague manipulated the gas companies into making me incorrect as payback for mocking his “gas guru” title.

Inga B. Andriessen, J.D.