Keeping your most important business asset safe

I am trying to think of an exception to the “Rule” I’m about to make, but am unable to come up with one – if you can think of one, please email me and let me know. The “Rule” is – your employees are the most important asset of your business.

You need your employees to produce work, maintain client relationships and generally ensure things get done.

I’m often shocked, recognizing the above rule, when I read news accounts of employees being undervalued and put in harms way. The latest example of this is the allegation (and it is just an allegation) that the gas station attendant who was dragged to his death did so because his pay would be docked for the missing gas.

Leaving aside the legalities of docking pay for theft (though it is commonplace is the restaurant industry) if the allegation is correct, it is not protecting your most valuable asset.

Our firm represents employers. We have zero tolerance for false claims of mistreatment, etc. Our clients share our view point – treat your most valuable asset fairly, your business depends on it.

Inga B. Andriessen