Let's get your business paid

For over 23 years I’ve been a business lawyer and as a big part of that, I’ve sued debtors who owe my clients money.

Collection litigation is only an effective tool if it is done well. If the law firm is the only one making money, then it is not done well.

Our firm’s approach is to first ensure that there is “a pot of gold” at the end of the litigation rainbow. We search to ensure the debtors own property and confirm if there are Judgments against them already that any judgment we would obtain would have to share with.

If the debtor has property and/or is judgment free, we start litigation in the most cost effective way possible. If the claim is $ 25 000.00 and under, we start in Small Claims Court using our flat fee schedule. If the claim is in Superior Court, we use the Simplified Procedure to move the matter through the system as quickly as possible to contain legal fees for the client.

We ensure we do not start collection litigation in areas where mediation is mandatory. Mandatory mediation in a collection law suit is a benefit to a defendant: it increases the costs by approximately $ 2 500.00 and it is “another step” that has to occur before Judgment can ultimately be obtained.

We’re careful to ensure our clients understand the benefits of making a reasonable offer to settle early in the law suit, to ensure the Judgment includes an award of 100% of legal fees incurred from the date of the offer onwards.

All in all, we choose the quickest, most cost effective method to obtain judgment for our clients who are owed money.

We’re creative in our enforcement techniques as well – using the Oppression Remedy and Bulk Sales Act legislation to bring officers and directors into the law suit and expose their personal assets for enforcing Judgments.

We’re good at what we do and we enjoy collecting on behalf of our clients. We’d be happy to help you get paid as well.

Inga B. Andriessen JD