Make Sure Your Representative Follows Your Instructions

It is very frustrating when you are dealing with a legal representative who does not follow their client’s instructions, which then results in additional costs to the other parties, not to mention the amount of time wasted when it could have been spent elsewhere.

When we obtain our client’s instructions, we make sure they are clear and in writing, and we follow through with those instructions.  Unfortunately, not all legal representatives do.

We were recently dragged into a litigation because of a third party’s negligence.  We then brought that party into the litigation and expected the matter to settle immediately:  if only it were that easy.

We tried to get the parties to settle, however, the instructions provided to the wrong doer’s representative were conveyed to them, but not followed.  The discussions broke down because the other party didn’t feel the wrongdoer was taking the matter seriously.  The reality was it was the representative who wasn’t taking it seriously.

Upon discovering that their representative was not acting in their best interests, the party terminated their retainer with their Paralegal and they reached out to us to proceed with settlement.  I’m happy to report that the matter is now settled, and the parties can now carry on their businesses as if this never happened.

This matter could have been settled sooner, some money saved and a little less time wasted, but it could have been a lot worse.

When you hire a legal representative, they work for you, and they are to do what you instruct them to do on your behalf.  Make sure your instructions are clear and make sure they are followed.

Murray Brown, Licensed Paralegal