Mentoring Matters: are you up for the challenge?

I have the privilege of being involved as a Mentor to two different levels of students.

I am a Mentor in the Ryerson Law Practice Program to four students who have law degrees and are now in the program that is an alternative to Articling. It is great to work with students from diverse backgrounds, with interests to practice a variety of types of law.

I am also a Mentor to The Abbey Park Legal Eagles High School Mock Trial team. This is such a fun opportunity, to work with students who are trying to figure out what they want to do post-secondary school and how, if at all, law fits into that.

As anyone who Mentors will tell you, you don’t just give as a Mentor, the students teach you in many ways and it is fantastic to “give back”.

One of my Mentors passed away on the weekend, the Honourable Mr. Justice Lissaman judged my Law School Mock Trial competition. He gave his entire Saturday to hear the team from UofT lose to our team from Osgoode. At the end of the trial he gave us each individual advice, when he came to me it was: “Ms. Andriessen, you do advocacy.” I took his advice to heart and have enjoyed every moment of my career as an advocate.

I’ve also enjoyed every moment of Mentoring. You don’t have to be a lawyer to Mentor: I encourage you to look for opportunities in your field, you will not regret it.