Milton needs a new courthouse now

Our firm starts most of our litigation in Milton. We do this because it is an efficient jurisdiction to litigate, the Judges are excellent and the staff is friendly.

However, the 1970s building is not big enough for the population it services. This means that when it is time for a trial in Milton, the parties are often called to the Brampton Court House to have their matter heard. This is not a big issue if you’re not a resident of Milton, however, if you live in the region, having to travel to Brampton is not insignificant.

In addition to the lack of trial space, there is no private area to consult with clients. Literally nowhere. This means the cafeteria has become a makeshift meeting area where lawyers are trying to obtain confidential instructions without any privacy. Counsel attempt to accommodate opposing parties by finding other hallways in which to meet, but ultimately, this is impacting the administration of Justice in Milton.

You can imagine my surprise when I read this month that Brampton is getting an expansion. Brampton has a relatively new Court House and yes, it too is over capacity, though not as much as Milton. The best part of the Brampton announcement is that Milton would handle the overflow while the construction takes place.

Does that mean Milton will move trials to Brampton because it has no capacity, but take Brampton’s trials? I’m very confused by the logic.

Of course, perhaps what I am missing in an impending announcement of a new Court House coming to Milton soon? That must be it.

Inga B. Andriessen JD