New Year, New Business

Happy New Year and congratulations all! You have officially made it through one remarkably tough year.

Massive fires, violent protests, impeachment acquittals, murder hornets, royal runaways, Tiger Kings, cringey presidential debates – oh yes, and a global pandemic. This year is one for the books – or film rather, with Michael Bay at the helm.  

With vaccines rolling out and hope of some normalcy on the horizon, some of you may be turning your attention to – dare we say – planning for the future again.

Did you know that if you are looking to set up a business, we could have your corporation set up for you in a matter of days? We do it all – preparing Articles of Incorporation, corporate registration, ordering and organizing your minute book, and drafting your by-laws. If you’ve seen corporate by-laws before, you know you do not want to mess with those yourself!

Maybe you have no idea what all the stuff I just listed above is, and that is perfectly okay too. We are really good hand holders – okay relax, we meant figuratively of course (#stopthespread). We make sure business owners understand the process and everything that goes into setting up their business.  

If you are an existing business owner, we can help you fine tune your business practices and work to ensure you are following all required laws. It’s shocking how many business owners are currently in violation of the Employment Standards Act, and have no clue that they are! Laws change every year – oh would you look at that, this is a new year … maybe it’s time for a business check-up? 

Whether you are starting your business anew or looking to expand, with help from our firm we can work with you to get you to that elusive horizon.  

Aren’t you excited to see what 2021 brings?

Robin K. Mann, Associate Lawyer