No slow down this summer: here's what your business needs to do.

We’re into the first full week of July and normally things slow down in the summer. That appears to not be the case this summer, which is a very good thing in light of the “Canada is in a Recession” talk that started to come out of the USA last week.

So, what does your business need to focus on this summer? Here are our firm’s suggestions:

1. Review your receivables list closer than ever: make phone calls to those who are over your net terms as vacations can lead to gaps in payment if you’re not on top of them;

2. Use the great weather to network with new business leads on the golf course, over lunch on a patio or in the evening at a Fireworks display.

3. Be certain the work environment in your business is comfortable: sweating people out in a warehouse at 35 degrees is dangerous and not legal.

4. Review your business policies to ensure you’re complying with all the Government requirements. If you’re deficient, book an appointment with your lawyer to get up to date.

5. Plan for the fall. Use the time to plan where your business will focus once the nice weather is gone and everyone is “back to business”.

6. Take some time away from work to enjoy summer. If you don’t recharge, you’re going to burn out.

Inga B. Andriessen JD