Our firm is great because of our team !

This week is Administrative Professional’s week. I’d like to think every week is that week in our firm, though to be fair, we don’t all enjoy a lunch out together every week.

When I was an Articling Student, I was initially terrible at working with Administrative Professionals. I had that arrogance that many young lawyers have (masking the insecurity of not knowing what we’re doing) and behaved accordingly. Thankfully, one Legal Assistant took me aside and told me if I continued to treat people that way, I’d run through Admin staff like toilet paper and my career would be hurt by it.

I really appreciate that chat and now, 22 years later, know that I turned it around due to that chat.

What I know now is that I work with people, they do not work for me.

What I know now is that no one role is more important than another in the firm – we do well when we pull together.

As a result of turning it around I have a great staff who have been with me a long time and I very much appreciate everything they do !

If you have an Admin Professional in your life, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them this week – it does matter !

Inga B. Andriessen JD