Our firm responds promptly to clients: that shouldn't be a big deal

Lately I’ve noticed our firm is being “thanked” a lot by clients and people making inquiries about our firm, for “getting back to us so promptly.”

Our turnaround is at the very latest, five hours for a reply, even if that reply is only to say “we’re in Court, we’ll get back to you after 4:30 p.m. today.” Given the existence of Smart Phones, why is this not the norm for all lawyers? Why does our firm still have new clients come to our firm, needing work done urgently because their lawyer kept putting them off? This is not right and it is not necessary.

Not only do we return calls and emails promptly, we give our clients a deadline by which the work they need done will be completed. This simply makes sense for our business clients: they need to be able to plan and have reliable counsel assist them in executing that plan.

I, of course, am partial to the “Scotty from Star Trek” approach – I’ll build in a bit of a buffer, if it is not a rush, in terms of getting back to a client, so I look like the superstar I am when I beat the deadline. (shhh, that’s a secret).

If you’re tired of being ignored by your Business Law firm, email us for information: we’ll get back to you right away.

Inga B. Andriessen JD