Our firm was without Internet & Email for over 24 Hours

So, in case you have not heard, Toronto got a lot of water on Monday, July 8, 2013.

The West End of Toronto was hardest hit and our firm is located in that end.

Thanks to the heroics of Toronto Hydro, our firm was up and running very soon after the flood, however, the same can not be said of our Internet provider: we use Rogers.

You know, Rogers Communications – the Canada wide company that controls many aspect of the media in Canada.

We expected that Rogers would have a disaster plan in place that would never leave our firm without internet for over 24 hours. We were wrong.

Our firm has a disaster plan and it would have been executed fine, had our internet provider had one.

Now we will create a new disaster plan, it will involve a backup internet provider and perhaps a new main provider. The first question the new provider will be asked is what their disaster backup plan looks like.

I applaud all of the first responders who did their job during the flood and dealt with the far more pressing issues than internet for a business. However, Rogers is in the business of providing internet for business and it should have made restoring that a priority.

Inga B. Andriessen JD