Our Policy On Workplace Policies

Most employers know that they need a clear and enforceable employment agreement with their employees, but many forget the importance of workplace policies.

Let’s start with the policies you must have in the workplace – these are mandated by legislation. Among the list of required policies that you should have in your workplace are:

  1. Workplace harassment and violence;
  2. Occupational Health and Safety;
  3. Right to Disconnect policy (25 or more employees);
  4. Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act;
  5. Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination; and, 
  6. Canada Labour Code (Federally regulated workplaces).

Aside from the above required policies, employers should also think about establishing policies that clearly set out their expectations of employee conduct in the workplace.

A well drafted policy can provide a guide for both employers and employees and avoid unforeseen problems in the workplace.  

Optional policies can address vacations, social media use, overtime, attendance, dress code, working from home, and employee disputes (and more). The creation and implementation of these policies can streamline operations in the workplace and reduce any uncertainty regarding the workplace “rules.” 

All policies should be clearly conveyed to employees, so that they understand both what is expected of them, as well as the consequences for their violations of the given policy.

Employers should have all of their policies reviewed annually to ensure that they are still up to date with relevant laws and meeting their internal requirements.

Robin K. Mann, Associate Lawyer