Re-Opening of the Small Claims Court

In March 2020, the Small Claims Court closed its doors to in-person filings and appearances to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Only emergency Motions were being heard after the Government-ordered shutdown.  Limited Settlement Conferences were later being conducted by telephone or Zoom.  Things progressed at a snail’s pace.

The Ontario Small Claims Court is, at this time, scheduled to re-open for in person hearings on November 2, 2020.

Preparations are being made to ensure everyone’s safety while they attend at the various courthouses throughout the Province.  However, do not expect it to be the way it was pre Covid-19.  We are still waiting for the details, and will report those details once we have them.

Matters that were suspended since March 2020 will be the first to be scheduled after November 2, 2020 to deal with what we assume is a massive backlog of matters.

Defences to Plaintiff’s Claims that were served during the shutdown will be due within 20-25 days after the Courts reopen.  The timing depends on whether the Plaintiff’s Claim was personally served or if it was served by an alternate to personal service.  Our files are diarized and ready to go!

It is going to take some time to adjust to the changes being made to our new normal during Covid, but we are sure ready to get back into the Courtroom!

Murray Brown, Licensed Paralegal