Small Claims Court Victories of 2015 (a.k.a. an Ode to Murray Brown)

Many readers of our Blog have met our amazing Paralegal, Murray Brown.

This past year, Murray has once again delivered numerous victories to our clients and this last week of 2015 is a good time to look back on them. As we’re a law firm, we are bound by lawyer/client confidentiality, so we won’t be naming names, but the facts speak for themselves.

1. Repair & Storage Lien Act Files

Murray successfully represented a Car Rental Agency client in having a Repair & Storage Lien removed from title to their vehicle: the repair shop thought it was o.k. to take the vehicle on a joy ride and have our client foot the bill. Too bad the 407 captures time and date of vehicle travel.

2. Interior Design Work that was overbilled

Murray successfully obtained Judgment (twice) for a client whose designer completely overbilled for work done and tried to delay refunding the overcharges by moving to set aside the first Judgment. Murray, however, successfully obtained a Court Order requiring the designer pay much of the Judgment into Court before it was set aside: this has allowed our client to recover most of its’ Judgment right away.

3. Commercial Landlord enforcement

Murray successfully obtained and enforced several Judgments against defaulting tenants. Thanks to Murray’s excellent research skills, those Judgments are not just pieces of paper: they’re money in our clients’ hands.

4. Payment for the destruction of rented property

Murray successfully represented numerous clients in obtaining judgments against their customers who had rented equipment and then returned it damaged, if at all.

5. Defending employers in Wrongful Dismissal matters

Murray represented employers in Wrongful Dismissal matters, guiding them through the ever changing law in this area. The clients were able to resolve these matters without proceeding to trial, which provided certainty and reduced costs to the clients.

All of the above is just a sample of some of the work that Murray has done for clients this year. All of Murray’s Small Claims work is done on a flat fee basis, which is the amount the Courts generally award back in their Judgments. This means our client is not “out of pocket” at the end of the day, provided their debtor has assets to collect against.

You can reach Murray at or 416.620.7020 ext. 24.

Inga B. Andriessen JD