So you think you want to handle your own Business Small Claims Matter?

The Ontario Small Claims Court is the Court for claims that are $ 25,000.00 or less. Businesses may represent themselves in Small Claims Court and many often think this is a cost effective way to handle collection and other legal issues on their own: they are wrong.

Unless you are a law firm, navigating the Small Claims Court Rules and Procedures will prove to be challenging to you. Additionally, the time you spend dealing with the matter will quickly eat into your productivity, which means you’re losing more money, while suing for money you are owed.

Our firm recognizes that businesses need representation in Small Claims Court at a flat fee, so you can budget for the expense. We charge what the Court will usually award back when you are successful at trial: this means you will be made whole at the end of the day.

You go ahead an make money doing what you do best: we’ll handle your litigation, which is what we do best.

Inga B. Andriessen JD