So you want to get paid?

One of the things our firm is great at is helping businesses get paid. By the time we’re involved, it’s usually a litigation matter, however, we like to encourage businesses to take steps to protect themselves before it lands on our desks. This is why we created 30-60-90 Sue┬« – it’s our program to help you accelerate the collection of your receivables.

Without giving away all of our secrets, I’m happy to highlight a few ways you can do your part to get paid:

1. Get it in writing. If you’re selling a good or service over time, use a contract. If you’re selling something on the spot, provide a receipt.

2. If you are giving terms of payment, follow up immediately the day after those terms expire to see where your payment is.

3. Accept Visa, Direct Deposit and e-transfer: these methods are the path of least resistance for many and help get you paid faster.

4. Sue, particularly if you have a group of customers who know each other and talk to each other. Suing one customer will quickly bring the rest of your receivables into line.

We’re here to help you get paid: reach out if you need more info. Much of what we do collection wise is on a flat fee basis, so you know what your cost is before you take steps.

Inga B. Andriessen JD